Who is SMASH?

Brew Kettle with Thermometer

Southern Marylanders Always Serving Homebrew, or simply SMASH, is a group of homebrewers who live in Southern Maryland.

While most of us actively brew, we also know that we all started somewhere (usually making a mess in the kitchen). With that in mind, we eagerly welcome anyone with an interest or skill level in homebrewing to join us. SMASH is made up of members from across the skill spectrum of homebrewing. Some of us are stovetop extract brewers just starting their journey. Others use moderate brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) setups. And If you like to go all out with all-grain, we have members that go that route as well . Our primary focus tends to be aimed towards brewing beer, but many of us also have experience making wine, cider, kombucha, hard seltzer. Basically, if it’s fermentable, we’ve probably put yeast on it!

We are always looking for others who share our interest in homebrewing. So if you find yourself here and your interest is piqued, come on by one of our monthly meetings and hang out with us. We would love to chat with you about homebrewing.